About Us

EDASI is an online retail shopping platform founded by Mexican F1 Driver, Esteban Gutierrez. EDASI is dedicated to bringing fans and racing enthusiasts closer to the world of motorsports through a unique and accessible platform that everyone can enjoy. 

We are COMMUNITY. EDASI is an inclusive community, welcoming everyone from the seasoned motor racing enthusiast to those that are getting their first taste of sport. This is a place to meet and share your passion, promoting friendship and authentic connections. 

We are PASSION. EDASI is driven by a deep passion for what we do, making the sport of motor racing enjoyable and accessible for all. We know that determination, resilience, and the resulting success all come from enjoying this great adventure together. 

We are MOVEMENT. "EDASI" translates to moving forward, explaining why Esteban Gutierrez chose the name. In racing, this is required to overcome hurdles, to learn, and to push for success regardless of circumstances. EDASI represents Esteban's motto for life. 

We are RELIABLE. EDASI is here for you, and you act as the engine that powers the brand. We strive to offer the best selection of content and merchandise based on your collective feedback, interests, and passion for motor racing. 

We are BOLD. EDASI is not afraid to be a disrupter, constantly testing and adopting new ways for you, the fan, to enjoy the sport, the product, and the content from anywhere. 

EDASI INC is for you... and we've only just begun.